Please make a donation by texting SPIT36 to 70071.
For example to donate £10 text SPIT 36 £10 to 70071. Your donations will create a Spitfire Gallery that will inspire the next generation of engineers .

Help  Spitfire RW388


We are Operation Spitfire and through the restoration of the Spitfire housed in the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, we can inspire a new generation of engineers. Through restoration, and projects such as our Spitfire simulator, you can help us create a fitting memorial to R.J. Mitchell the chief designer of the Spitfire; who was born in North Staffordshire and went to school in Stoke-on-Trent.


Operation Spitfire works as a charity under the Staffordshire Community Foundation  - Charity No: 1091628.


By making a donation you will be helping us ensure RW388 ‘The Potteries Spitfire’ is restored properly.

Campaign: Let's Get Reginald Mitchell on the new £50

Bank of England is running a survey asking who should appear on the new £50. Use this link to visit the Bank Of England site and leave a short reason why you think Mitchell should be on the note. Operation Spitfire have started campaigning on this please use this link to sign our petition. Thank-you!

RW338 Restoration Underway

Progress continues on the restoration of Spitfire RW388 by the Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Limited (MAPSL). This week we look at progress to the main body of the aircraft – the fuselage. This section is made from curving panels attached to a supporting structure of horizontal longerons and vertical frames, forming the core of the Spitfire.

Planning For Our New Spitfire Gallery!!

2018 starts with a big push to get ideas in place for the interpretation of the life and achievements of R.J. Mitchell, and his Spitfire. We are working closely with the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery. We'll post more after our January meeting.


Operation Spitfire is a group of volunteers, committed to raising funds to help restore  Spitfire RW388 and inspire a new generation of engineers.

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