Inspiration through Restoration.

Operation Spitfire is a  project with some challenging objectives. Our first goal is the restoration and preservation of RW388; the MKXVI Spitfire housed in the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery. The first phase of restoration has been completed thanks to public donations.

In addition we have commissioned a replica Spitfire cockpit as a means to illustrate engineering processes. This work is underway at Supermarine Engineering led by Mark Harris.

We also want to illuminate the Spitfire story and the people involved in producing this beautiful aeroplane, as well as the life and work of RJ Mitchell; as display material within the Museum and beyond. But increasingly our energies have been focused on inspiring a new generation of engineers.

Operation Spitfire is a group of volunteers, committed to raising funds to help restore  Spitfire RW388 and inspire a new generation of engineers.

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